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At Southpace, we are in the real estate business because we have a passion for it. What excites us is seeing the areas in which we operate become and continue to be energetic, vital communities, and we believe that we can be instrumental in making that happen. Everything we undertake is defined by two powerful inspirations.

Because we cherish independence and applaud the courage, commitment and ingenuity of business owners, we are inspired to maintain our own independence. As an independent firm, Southpace does not represent its own properties, so we are not positioned competitively against the people we seek to serve.

We are also inspired by the preservation, redevelopment and adaptive reuse of properties that already exist in the communities in which we operate. Our region is rich in buildings that tell the histories of their communities, and beg to be part of their futures. We consider the adaptive reuse of those properties a core competency, a vital direction of Southpace and an honor.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Bryan Holt 205-271-7214
David Ashford 205-271-7250
Marcus Bruchis 205-271-7226
Troy Gisi 205-271-7241
Andrew Loveman 205-271-7222
Michael Randman 205-271-7213
Blake Thomas 205-271-7209
Alex Benson 205-326-2222
Templeton Stump 205-326-2222
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300 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. Birmingham AL 35203