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May Commercial Group

Kentucky Contact: C.J. May
Company Address 1890 Star Shoot Pkwy Suite 170/165 Lexington KY 40509 Office Phone: 859.263.2424 Website:

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For the past 25 years, Maygroup Commercial Real Estate Services has assisted retail companies in identifying opportunities for growth. We provide a wide range of services, including market delineation, expansion and storing strategies, site acquisition, contract negotiations, and construction management. Our “feet on the ground” approach, combined with the latest market research, will help you get out in front of the competition to find the best locations and get the deal done fast! Avoid the costly mistake of opening underperforming stores by utilizing our experience in finding and evaluating the right site for your next retail location. Let our highly experienced team of retail specialists give your company the edge in making profitable real estate decisions.

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1890 Star Shoot Pkwy Suite 170/165 Lexington KY 40509