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Company Address 2215 York Road Suite 503 Oak Brook Illinois 60523 Office Phone: 630.472.1010 Website:

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Edgemark Commercial Real Estate Services LLC, established in 1987, provides commercial real estate brokerage, property management, investment services and development with a focus in the retail industry. In response to a demand for a highly qualified commercial real estate organization, Edgemark prides itself on consistently delivering analytical and creative analysis to its clients by recruiting a select group of talented, entrepreneurial real estate professionals to maximize its cutting edge retail marketing technology.

With offices in Oak Brook, IL and Denver, CO, Edgemark provides the highest level of market knowledge available and constant attention to its clients’ objectives. Edgemark has established the reputation as one of the elite real estate companies in the Chicagoland market, representing over 20 million square feet of properties.

The knowledge and proficiency of the firm’s retail brokerage, property management, investment, and development services are available to every client. Our exceptional record in representation of local, regional, and national entities is fostered by our professionalism, superior market expertise, consistent transactional processes, and full-service in-house support.

To provide the highest level of service, Edgemark structures customized strategy solutions tailored to each client’s specific criteria and goals.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Mark Fredericks 630-572-5613
Jeffrey Kowal 630-572-5611
Eddie Palacios 630-572-5628
Ves Pavlovic 630-572-5607
Matthew Smetana 630-572-5632
Joanne Sutryk 630-572-5609
John Thompson 630-572-5604
Mike Wesley 630-572-5610
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2215 York Road Suite 503 Oak Brook Illinois 60523