You need a Master Plan when it comes to a site selection strategy.  A partnership with The Retail Brokers Network will give you the national perspective you demand for your retail expansion needs while having the unique ability to execute your plan regionally and locally.

The Expertise You Want

  • A Nation-Wide network of retail expertise in anchor location strategy
  • Extensive representation of many of the country’s most successful box anchors
  • Proven track record of success

The Partnership and the Plan to Back You Up…

  • The Retail Brokers Network will partner with your real estate team or operate as your real estate team
  • Provide a comprehensive market analysis providing you with the top markets having the greatest potential for success
  • Produce site selections and acquire sites by utilizing relationships already established in local markets
  • Develop an implementation plan ensuring the successful rollout of the expansion strategy
  • Provide on-going evaluation and analysis as markets change over time and assess the impact of opening, closing or relocating sites and implement changes as needed

The Strategic Advantage You Need…

  • A highly experienced network of retail experts created specifically to address your needs
  • Data on all markets is shared and consolidated across the network to provide you with a comprehensive strategy….
  • This unique structure allows us to take advantage of local relationships resulting in the completion of site selection and acquisition in a highly efficient manner

Let us put our experience to work for you!  Contact Tim Metzler or Nancy Johnson today.