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The Katsias Company

Virginia & Northeastern, N.C. Contact: John Katsias
Company Address 2901 S. Lynnhaven Road Suite 340 Virginia Beach VA 23452 Office Phone: 757.490.3585 Website:

Company Biography

The Katsias Company is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage firm located in Hampton Roads Virginia. Family-owned and operated since its inception, the firm’s activities cover a spectrum including tenant and landlord brokerage representation, property management, and development in the office, retail, and flex markets.

Founded by Mike and Kathy Katsias in 1980, The Katsias Company was built on a philosophy of integrity and a strong work ethic in endeavoring to fulfill the needs of our clients. By meeting those needs, and constantly striving to surpass our clients’ expectations, we have been fortunate to prosper and grow.
We encourage you to think of The Katsias Company as an important resource and member of your business team. As a Hampton Roads business, we view our partnerships with our clients as vital contributions to the health and growth of our community. Whether it’s brokerage, tenant representation, property management or client-centered development, our commitment to professionalism means helping clients make sound real estate decisions.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Rob Wright moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@bor1558709274 757-490-3585 x 104
Brittany Baer moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@yna1558709274ttirb1558709274 757-490-3585 x 107
Laura Hirschler moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@aru1558709274al1558709274 757-490-3585 x 101
John Katsias moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@nho1558709274j1558709274 757-490-3585 x 110
Brian Baker moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@nai1558709274rb1558709274 757-490-3585 x 115
Jason Loizou moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@nos1558709274aj1558709274 757-490-3585 x 302
Martin Murden moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@nit1558709274ram1558709274 757-490-3585 x 303
Chris Arney moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@sir1558709274hc1558709274 757-490-3585 x 304
Cole Werkheiser moc.s1558709274aista1558709274k@elo1558709274c1558709274 757-490-3585 x 306
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2901 S. Lynnhaven Road Suite 340 Virginia Beach VA 23452