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Taylor Long Properties

Richmond Contact: Ellen Long
Company Address 10142 West Broad Street Glen Allen VA 23060 Office Phone: 804.864.9788 Website:

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Taylor Long Properties was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2003 as a full service commercial real estate consulting and brokerage firm. We have established an impeccable reputation by dedicating ourselves, first and foremost, to our clients. It’s simple: we listen and fully focus on the specific goals of our clients, then we deliver the best possible results. We are a firm of high standards that can quickly and effectively respond to the needs of our clients’ goals and objectives.

The firm’s foundation comes from years of experience in market knowledge, completing successful transactions, representing a wide range of services including site selection, tenant representation, leasing and acquisitions. We offer a unique advantage in accomplishing your real estate needs. Taylor Long Properties has been granted the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 CoStar Group Power Broker Award as one of the top commercial real estate brokerage firms in Richmond, Virginia.

Taylor Long Properties is also an active member of the Retail Brokers Network (RBN), whose members specialize in retail brokerage and benefit from leveraged relationships with owners, developers, and tenants. This association gives us a keen understanding of the commercial real estate market and access to thousands of buyers, users and tenants that can close on a transaction.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Brian Bock moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522kcobn1558713522airb1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 106
Kent Cardwell moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522llewd1558713522ractn1558713522ek1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 109
Vania Farnsworth moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522htrow1558713522snraf1558713522ainav1558713522 804-864-9788 ex105
Clint Greene moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522eneer1558713522gtnil1558713522c1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 104
Gayle Hargett moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522ttegr1558713522ahely1558713522ag1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 108
Heather Krauss moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522ssuar1558713522kreht1558713522aeh1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 110
Janice Logue moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522eugol1558713522ecina1558713522j1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 103
Ellen Long moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522gnoln1558713522elle1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 101
Rob Marshall moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522llahs1558713522ramtr1558713522ebor1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 102
Ibo Pinar moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522ranip1558713522obi1558713522 804-864-9788
June Smith moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522htims1558713522enuj1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 111
Michael Weisberg moc.s1558713522eitre1558713522porpg1558713522nolro1558713522lyat@1558713522grebs1558713522iewle1558713522ahcim1558713522 804-864-9788 ex 107
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10142 West Broad Street Glen Allen VA 23060