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Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty

Long Island & NYC Boroughs Contact: Frank Zuckerbrot
Company Address 35-11 35th Ave Astoria NY 11106 Office Phone: 718.392.5959 Website:

Company Biography

Sholom & Zuckerbrot is widely regarded as one of the premier commercial realtors serving the Boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Founded in 1962, S&Z is a family-owned business in its second generation of management.

  • our firm was founded in 1962.
  • s&z is a second-generation family-owned business.
  • we exclusively serve the boroughs of new york city and long island.
  • in recent years, retail properties have become central to our business. we are now the strongest retail brokerage firm residing in the boroughs of new york city.
  • we have the most seasoned team of brokers in the business. our staff of 25 associates averages over 20 years with our firm.
  • our decades of experience allows us to offer you a wealth of added value, including advice on how to: maximize the value of your property, take advantage of market trends and negotiate the most advantageous terms for any deal


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Franklin Zuckerbrot moc.z1558682534-s@zf1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.123
Sanford Zuckerbrot moc.z1558682534-s@to1558682534rbrek1558682534cuzs1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.101
John Ritter moc.z1558682534-s@re1558682534ttirj1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.110
Lawrence Smith moc.z1558682534-s@ht1558682534imsl1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.124
Gail Roseman moc.z1558682534-s@na1558682534mesor1558682534g1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.112
Marc Durst moc.z1558682534-s@ts1558682534rudm1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.122
Joseph Eliasoph moc.z1558682534-s@hp1558682534osail1558682534ej1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.118
Joseph Meyerson moc.z1558682534-s@no1558682534sreye1558682534mj1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.114
Natalie Hurwitz moc.z1558682534-s@zt1558682534iwruh1558682534n1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.119
Robert Weinstein moc.z1558682534-s@ni1558682534etsni1558682534ewb1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.115
Jason Auffarth moc.z1558682534-s@ht1558682534raffu1558682534aj1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.116
Aaron Ben-Shoshan moc.z1558682534-s@na1558682534hsohs1558682534a1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.129
Michael Dokianos moc.z1558682534-s@so1558682534naiko1558682534dm1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.117
Hillel Galosher moc.z1558682534-s@re1558682534hsola1558682534gh1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.126
Marc Geller moc.z1558682534-s@re1558682534llegm1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.128
Melissa Grasso moc.z1558682534-s@os1558682534sargm1558682534 718-392-5959,ext.120
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35-11 35th Ave Astoria NY 11106