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Company Address 9121 W. Russell Rd Suite 111 Las Vegas NV 89148 Office Phone: 702.550.4934 Website:

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ROI Commercial Real Estate is Las Vegas’ 2nd oldest commercial real estate brokerage company and the most experienced commercial real estate firm in the Las Vegas area. We are celebrating our 21st anniversary.

Services include:

• Landlord/Seller Representation • Consulting Services • Land Acquisition
• Tenant/Buyer Representation • Land Services • Developer Services
• Investment Sales and Purchases • Surplus/REO Services • Relocation Services
• Disposition Services

We are passionate about assisting our clients in becoming more competitive in a world of ever increasing competition. Our vibrant and confident office culture empowers our people to trust and grow alongside one another in partnership – This environment in turns allows us to form the same strong Partnerships with our clients.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Daniel Adamson moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@nad1566586080 702-363-3100 X112
Brian Sorrentino, CCIM moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@nair1566586080b1566586080 702-363-3100 X102
Todd Boyer moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@ddot1566586080 702-363-3100 X106
Deron Conway moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@cd1566586080 702-363-3100 X101
Jim Hill moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@mij1566586080 702-363-3100 X100
Kit Graski moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@iksa1566586080rgk1566586080 702.363.3100 X114
Jennifer Ott moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@ttoj1566586080  702.363.3100 X107
Robin Civish, CCIM moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@nibo1566586080r1566586080 702-363-3100 X110
George Okinaka, moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@akan1566586080ikog1566586080 702-363-3100 X115
Edward Lehnardt, CPM moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@draw1566586080de1566586080 702-363-3100 X104
Angelica Lopez moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@acil1566586080egna1566586080 702-363-3100 X113
Gavin Kakol moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@loka1566586080kg1566586080 702-363-3100 X117
Maureen Waters moc.e1566586080rcior1566586080@sret1566586080awm1566586080 702-363-3100 X116
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9121 W. Russell Rd Suite 111 Las Vegas NV 89148