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Coro Realty Advisors

Atlanta & Suburban Georgia Contact: Bart Cross
Company Address 3715 Northside Parkway 400 Northcreek Suite 100 Atlanta GA 30327 Office Phone: 404.846.4000 Contact Phone: 404-846-4037 Website:

Company Biography

CORO Realty Advisors, LLC was established in 1997 to provide the highest quality real estate investment consulting and management services.

CORO’s mission is to identify unique opportunities for our clients and provide the services needed to maximize the potential of those investments. We treat each investment individually, which allows us capitalize on its full potential.

CORO specializes in creating value by visualizing all the possibilities and setting the strategy to get there. Our expertise and diverse portfolio of properties position us at the forefront of the market to discover opportunities and transform them into profitable investments. Understanding our client’s objectives is paramount to capitalize on their current and future investment goals. Acquiring, creating and maintaining value means knowing and anticipating market trends and client needs.

CORO simply combines vision, creativity, experience, strategy, knowledge and common sense to meet and exceed our client’s objectives.

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3715 Northside Parkway 400 Northcreek Atlanta GA 30327