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Commercial Retail Associates

Central California Contact: Sam T. Bogdanovich
Company Address 680 West Shaw Avenue Suite 202 Fresno California 93704 Office Phone: 559-650-1300 Contact Phone: 559-650-1308 Website:

Company Biography

Commercial Retail Associates, Inc. (CRA) was founded in October 1991 with Thomas Anderson as a principal partner. Scott Negri joined the company in 1992 as a partner. In 2012, Sam Bogdanovich, Douglas Cords, and Shane Anderson became partners in CRA.

CRA is the oldest and largest independent retail real estate company in Central California. CRA’s ten retail agents represent landlords and tenants primarily from Bakersfield to Lodi and the Central Coast.

CRA is a “team” committed to providing the most professional service to our clients with the latest technological advancements, absolute integrity and unsurpassed market and retail knowledge. “Team” is defined as the mutual personal and professional respect that puts each other’s best interests before his own for the benefit of CRA clients and customers.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
Shane Anderson "]"> 559.650.1305
Thomas Anderson "]"> 559.650.1303
Jason Andrade "]"> 559.650.1322
Sam Bogdanovich "]"> 559.650.1308
Bryan Cifranic "]"> 559.650.1316
Doug Cords "]"> 559.650.1307
Jon Cox "]"> 559.650.1202
Kevin Grossman "]"> 559.650.1300 #1024
Christopher Kammel "]"> 559.650.1300 #1025
Cary Marsella "]"> 559.862.4690
Nathan Negri "]"> 559.650.1317
Scott Negri "]"> 831.886.7801
Gavin Scott "]"> 559.862.4686
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680 West Shaw Avenue Suite 202 Fresno California 93704