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Block & Company

W Missouri & Kansas Contact: David Block
Company Address 605 West 47th Street Suite 200 Kanas City Missouri 64112 Office Phone: 816.753.6000 Website:

Company Biography

Block & Company, Inc., Realtors was founded in 1946 by brothers James and Allen Block. The firm’s philosophy of exceptional service and an entrepreneurial passion rapidly anchored Block & Company as a leader in full service commercial real estate in Kansas City and throughout the region. Our culture of leadership, service, and this entrepreneurial spirit has attracted the best and most talented real estate professionals in the industry to join our team.

Today, Block & Company has grown to over 100 associates, each of whom models the same principles and commitment that have brought our company such lasting success and recognition. With hundreds of years of combined experience and hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions each year, the wealth of our knowledge and experience is unrivaled in the industry. Many of our associates have more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, and their success and longevity are proud evidence of the culture of service and leadership that has afforded Block & Company the privilege of serving thousands of clients and helping shape the landscape of Kansas City real estate development.

Building on Success

After more than six decades, Block & Company continues to define the cutting edge of commercial real estate. Individual experts in every facet and discipline of commercial real estate, our team works together to build solid futures for our clients, investors, and partners. Our business philosophy embodies a supreme commitment to integrity, excellence and teamwork — always moving forward with new tools and technologies to further advance the success of our clients, business partners, and associates.

Demonstrating leadership and insight in regional and national property development, we have consistently displayed our capacity for site selection and successful development of quality shopping centers, business parks, and other properties. Our recognition and success in the marketplace is built on an enduring legacy of leadership, the quality of our experienced associates, and the clear vision this experience and passion affords as we work together to build solid futures and create lasting value for our clients, investors, business partners, and community.


Our strength as a company grows on the lasting relationships that we have built throughout our history. We continually invest in relationships that help provide the tools and resources vital in today’s real estate market. Block and Company associates and principals have spent decades working with governmental staff and institutions, resulting in a beneficial rapport with authorities from municipal to state levels. These relationships afford our projects the highest levels efficiency and cooperation. We have also built broad networks of providers and practitioners with experience and expertise to match our own, and we employ all of our assets and abilities to nourish lasting and successful partnerships and an ever-increasing roster of local, regional, and national clients.

Our Record

With a reputation that has been built over 60 plus years of faithful commitment to core values and service excellence, Block & Company is proud to be known as one of the Midwest’s premier full service real estate organizations, consistently ranked among the industry leaders by trade magazines, local business publications, and our industry peers. We have claimed many “firsts” in commercial real estate in Kansas City, and with market knowledge, creativity, and insight unparalleled in the industry, Block & Company sets the standard for commercial real estate services.


First Name Last Name Email Office Phone
David Block moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724kcolb1555589724d1555589724 816-412-7400
Alex Block moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724kcolb1555589724a1555589724 816-412-7373
Becky Goodman moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724namdo1555589724ogb1555589724 816-412-7338
Bill Maas moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724saamb1555589724 816-412-7392
Bob Wallen moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724nella1555589724wb1555589724 816-412-7371
Charles McAlpin moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724nipla1555589724cmc1555589724
Darren Siegel moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724legei1555589724sd1555589724 816-412-7377
Dimitri Rodopoulos moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724soluo1555589724podor1555589724d1555589724 816-412-7372
Don Gabriel moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724leirb1555589724agd1555589724 816-412-7324
Greg Roberts moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724streb1555589724org1555589724 816-412-7384
Jay Friedman moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724namde1555589724irfj1555589724 816-412-7334
Jody Minder moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724redni1555589724mj1555589724 816-412-7358
John Cobb moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724bbocj1555589724 816-412-7326
Larry Gaines moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724senia1555589724gl1555589724 816-412-7387
Larry Larsen moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724nesra1555589724ll1555589724 816-412-7339
Margaret Rowe moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724eworm1555589724 816-412-7368
Mark McConahay moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724yahan1555589724ocmm1555589724 816-412-7386
Max Kosoglad moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724dalgo1555589724sokm1555589724 816-412-7363
Max DiCarlo moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724olrac1555589724idm1555589724 816-412-7318
Natasha Brinkle moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724elkni1555589724rbn1555589724 816-412-7381
Phil Peck moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724kcepp1555589724 816-412-7364
Rick Kochuyt moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724tyuhc1555589724okr1555589724 816-412-7327
Stefanie Drysdale moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724elads1555589724yrds1555589724 816-412-7306
Steve Caffey moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724yeffa1555589724cs1555589724 816-412-7300
Tom Hart moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724traht1555589724 816-412-7357
Tony DeTommaso moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724osamm1555589724otedt1555589724 816-412-7308
William Glasgow moc.o1555589724cdnak1555589724colb@1555589724wogsa1555589724lgw1555589724 816-412-7394
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605 West 47th Street Suite 200 Kanas City Missouri 64112